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SmartTag Dataloggers


SmartTag® products are designed to meet the growing demand for cost effective electronic environmental recording solutions. Combining state of the art technology, innovative design and high volume manufacturing techniques, the SmartTag® system provides the most cost effective, high performance environmental data logging system available for today's market.

Contact us for a Demo! We also have units for rental. PVSR Metrology is certified by manufacturer to perform factory calibrations.


Key features of the SmartTag system


Easy Insert Interface Cradle with fast download and automatic data save.


SmartTag Interface Cradles are compatible with all SmartTag recorder type products.
No fiddlely plugs - just slot the SmartTag into the interface slot and the data is automatically downloaded. Data is saved automatically and can be arranged to be automatically emailed or posted to a FTP server.

SmartTag's unique interface cradle design provides rapid and reliable SmartTag data transfer to SmartTag Analyzer software in a matter of seconds. (by far the fastest in it's class in the market)
Interface cradles are available in USB and RS232 connection versions.
Fine resolution of measurement
0.1 deg C (and 0.1%RH in HAXO version).
Fast reaction to temperature change
Fast reaction to temperature change due to unique external temperature sensor arrangement.
Slim flat case design
(most products are similar to credit card size)

Not too small to be too hard to find.
Fits into most packaging easily,
Thin enough to be mailed 'letter rate' in the post.

Push button
Start or specific date/time start
Inspection Mark once recording

Flexible Logging Start options

Pushing start/mark button during logging records an inspection mark in SmartTag memory

Prestart Recording
Most of the SmartTag products can be configured to record even if they have not been started
Real time clock
Records time & temperature simutaneously
Alert indicator can be configured to flash when preset conditions are encountered.
Easy to use
Easy to use SmartTag Analyzer for Windows™ software which is freely available for download.